West Virginia Anesthesia Medical Malpractice Attorney’s

West Virginia Anesthesia Medical Malpractice Attorney’s

pneumonia, brain injuries, nerve damage, just some of the injuries you can obtain while under anesthesia. With around 250,000 medical malpractice law suits are files, with reason, each year, the chances are high you could be affected if you go under the knife.

Even with extensive training, anesthesiologist still have errors every year but do you think you should still have to live with the aches, the pains, just because it happens? What if it was a loved one? Watching as they suffer due to someone else’s faults.There is no reason you can come up with to just sit back and watch.

It’s never easy but a law suit can cover the damages it costs. With doctor bills going through the roof each year, the bills can keep stacking and stacking.

Common Anesthesia Errors:

  • Lung Infections – Like Aspiration pneumonia. When your’e breathing deep and heavy, you stomach acid in your lungs
  • Reactions to the various drugs they give you – complications occur when there are reactions to other drugs in the patient’s body
  • Vapor leakage – If not noticed immmediately, this can cause a very bad situation for the patient.
  • Too much medicine causing an overdose – Sometimes people miss that someone gave you medication already. Sometimes people just make mistakes
  • If the positioning is incorrect, sometimes you incurr various bone and nerve injuries. – patients receive damage to nerves and sometimes broken bones from bad positioning
  • Not monitoring the patient – This can lead to brain injury, stroke or heart attack
  • Negligence of complications – death or injury can take place with such negligence
  • Nerve damage – from positioning erros, which is common
  • Failure to properly fill or refill vaporizers – anesthesia must be constantly filled to correct levels
  • Malfunctioning equipement – Sometimes equpment is old or just bad quality
  • Leaving patient unattended – Sometimes a small amount of time can be all the difference
  • Negligent about the amount of oxygen a pateint receives – This one is important and very common
  • Esophagus damage – perforation, brain injury and other serious issues can occur from thisnkind of damage

Anesthesiologists pay big money for their insurance for a reason

Its a given, Anesthesiologist will make a mistake in their career. This is the reason they pay some of the largest sums to insurance out of any other doctors out there. If you have been hurt by mistakes from an anesthesia error, you have every right to fight back. Below are some of the best anesthesia medical malpractice attorneys in West Virginia

Best Anesthesia Error Lawyers in WV

DiTrapano Barrett DiPiero McGinley & Simmons, PLLC

604 Virginia Street East,
Charleston, WV 25301304.342.0133

Stroebel & Johnson, P.L.L.C.

405 Capitol Street Mezzanine – Suite One
Charleston, WV 25320304.346.0197

Cormany Law PLLC

108 ½ Capitol Street Suite 202
Charleston, WV 25301 304.932.0886

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