The 3 biggest payouts in medical malpractice history [one page list]

The 3 biggest payouts in medical malpractice history [one page list]

Every year there a a lot of multi-million dollar lawsuits you may or may not hear about. We looked around the web to find the biggest payouts and here is what we found.

3. $38.5 million

In 2008, Dale Whyte went to see a doctor about pain in his leg and cramps in his shoulder. under anesthesia, His doctor performed a manual joint manipulation of all of his major joints. During the procedure, there was a loss of oxygen to the brain, and he remained in a coma for four years. The doctor conceded, In court, that the procedure was not necessary, but that he was in a bad financial situation that clouded his judgement. The jury awarded Whyte $23.58 million for lost earnings and past and future medical expenses and $5 million for pain and suffering. Plus, his two daughters were awarded $5 million each for loss of their father’s services and companionship.

2. $58.6 million

In 2003, Cathy D’Attilo started giving birth to her baby boy. Despite signs of fetal distress, the doctor failed to perform a c-section delivery in a timely manner, which, unfortunately, resulted in the D’Attilo’s child suffering significant damage to his brain.  They were awarded $38.5 million for the injuries their son sustained during his birth.  The D’Attilo’s son is fed through a tube and is unable to walk, talk or eat on his own.

What’s the largest medical malpractice payout in the United States?

1. $74.5 million

In 2012, plaintiff Jennifer Blunt originally was not originally going to seek a lawsuit when her daughter suffered serious injuries during birth that led to her cerebral palsy. The responsible doctor, who acted negligently in several instances (all typically standard procedure), and the hospital refused to answer to any of it or give any compensation. It was later proven that hospital staff did not properly incubate or ventilate the child. The evidence proving Jennifer’s case was even destroyed in an effort to cover up errors during the delivery. In the end, the verdict was paid out like this: Roughly $53 million for medical costs(in the future), $10 million for lost earnings, $225,000 for damages to the baby, $7.5 million for FUTURE damages for the baby, AND $3.8 million to the parents for past and future damages.

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