3 signs you may have a medical malpractice case

3 signs you may have a medical malpractice case

1. A simple lab test was the basis of your serious diagnosis.

Doctors should rely on multiple test to diagnose anything and, for the most part, will. Your diagnosis should include a full exam with plenty of conversation that involve your symptoms. When this happens, the doctor can get most insight into your symptoms. Your doctor will take blood, urine and some scanning in most cases of serious issues. Failure to complete a thorough exam, or relying on only one or two basic diagnostic tests, can be a sign of negligence in most cases.

2. The second opinion you received from another doctor was way different that your first.

We always advocate that you get a second opinion whenever there is a serious medical diagnosis. If you get a second-opinion that differs from the first, and then a third-opinion that agrees with the second, it is a sign the first doctor didn’t do his/her job right. The point we’re trying to make is ALWAYS get a second opinion.

3. During a surgery or treatment, there was an error made.

Your doctor is obligated to “do no harm” and to comply with certain standards of medical care. When he or she fails to do so, and especially when that failure leads to further injury, pain, illness or death, you have a right to compensation. If you feel you are suffering as the result of an error on your doctor’s part during your treatment or surgery, you have a right to take action.

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